Our Process

There’s nothing more important to having a successful construction project than communication.  Our goal is to make this process as stress free as possible for our clients.  Our many years of experience have helped us hone a successful process that works best for all involved and sets us apart from other design build companies.

Preconstruction - Phase 1

During a potential client’s Initial Phone Call, there are some basic questions that we ask, for example, “what’s the project”, “what is your estimated budget”, and “when would you like to get started”, etc.

Next, we schedule a free Consultation Meeting where Susanne personally meets with the client/clients and listens to their wants and needs.  Listening first allows her to give the client an estimated budget, so they can get an idea of what turning their dream into reality will cost.  Susanne will take what she’s learned from the client to create a feasibility study on the project. This meeting can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.

Then our Design Group meets.  We brainstorm ideas based on our client’s needs and wants.  Once we’ve laid out our plan we start putting the drawings together.

After the design group meeting, we schedule Meetings with Vendors such as cabinets, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures etc.  There are lots of visits to make and we always have one of our team members there with the homeowner and vendor, so they feel comfortable and fully informed.

Before the scope and final drawings can be completed our team then Meets with the Subcontractors on the jobsite. Our team and subcontractors have to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the project and job site to ensure everyone understands their role in the process.

Our team begins a very detailed Scope of Work, that includes all labor and materials involved with the project.  This is a time-consuming step that has to be done to ensure a smooth remodeling project.

All information is gathered (drawings, scope of work and vendor information).  We will review all information to insure our clients have a clear vision of the project and the project cost.

Once all items are agreed upon a Construction Contract is signed.  Sometimes the numbers change a little bit and will be fine-tuned, but once a figure is agreed upon and the client says “yes, this is what I want”, then a Construction Contract is created and signed.

Phase 2 - Construction

Site meeting with the superintendent and project manager. This is an introduction of the superintendent and the project manager to the project and job site.

Obtain the permit, install job site signage, deliver materials and begin project construction.

Clean up, walkthroughs and final punch list are handled in this phase in addition to any warranties.


Looking To Remodel or Renovate?

If you’ve been considering remodeling or renovation project for your home, please feel free to call us.